Pictures and Video from the

Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet 2006

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          The events of Friday evening, May 26th.

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Robert Soule's 1928 and 1939 Chryslers greet Meet attendees at the entrance

2006 Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet attendees gather Friday evening before departing for dinner at the Sonic Drive-In

Robert's 1939 Chrysler Royal about to cross the Service Station Bell.  The bell is a favorite among Meet attendees.

Press the "Play" button below to view a video illustrating the service station bell at the 2006 Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet compiled by Robert Soule.

If the video does not appear on your screen, please click here to view the video directly from YouTube videos.

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Shawn Johnson, along with his wife and child, are the first to arrive Friday afternoon in their 1968 Chrysler Newport Sedan

DRIVEN all the way from Iowa is this stunning 1935 Imperial Airflow owned by Russ and Marj Bees

This beautiful 1957 Chrysler Saratoga was driven from Memphis, Tennessee, by owners Michael and Joy McKenna

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Charlie Thurman (left) is the owner of this most unique 1955 Plymouth police car from Chattanooga, Tennessee

Robert's 1968 Imperial LeBaron proudly displayed beneath a Chrysler banner.

Robert's matching pair of '68 Imperials -- left is a LeBaron and right is a Crown Convertible.

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Elijah Scott's handsome dark blue 1971 LeBaron is parked next to Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300 convertible.

Robert's 1964 Imperial Crown convertible is parked alongside his most recent addition, a 1962 Chrysler 300 convertible.

Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300 four-door hardtop and his 1965 Chrysler New Yorker four-door hardtop.

            Dinner at the Sonic in beautiful downtown Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee!

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Russ and Marj Bees' 1935 Chrysler Imperial is parked next to Ray Pierce's1937 Buick.

A rear shot of Ray's1937 Buick and the Bees' 1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Coupe.

Wow, what a sight this was!  I am sure the local Corvette Club, which happened to be at the Sonic too, was not all that pleased.

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From left to right is the McKennas' 1957 Chrysler Saratoga, Elijah Scott's1971 Imperial LeBaron, Mark Harris' 1972 Imperial LeBaron, and Shawn Johnson's1968 Chrysler Newport.

Wow, they look just as good from the rear!

From left to right, Ian Dexter from Birmingham, AL; H. M. Harris from Picayune, MS; Robert M. Soule; and Jeff Carrothers of Jackson, MS.

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From left to right, Tim, Robert Soule, and Wanda Thurman.


From left to right, Ray Pierce, Russ and Marj Bees, Elijah Scott, and Charlie Thurman.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

 At 12 noon we departed for lunch and a train ride at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

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Parking adjacent to the picnic area at the railroad museum is Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300, Jeff Carrothers' 1966 Chrysler 300 (AKA The Tractor), Mark Harris' 1972 Imperial LeBaron.

Robert's and Jeff's 1966 Chrysler 300s again.  Why is Jeff's car called "The Tractor"?  Well, a previous owner chose to paint the car Ford tractor blue; therefore, we dubbed Jeff's car "The Tractor."

Jeff's "The Tractor" and Mark's 1972 LeBaron again.

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In the foreground is Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron.

Checking out the engine in John Shutty's 1970 Chrysler New Yorker.  He and Nancy drove up from Atlanta for the Meet.

The Bees arrive in their stunning 1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Coupe.

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A disgusted Robert Soule waits for someone to unlock the dining car where we are to have our lunch.

The interior of the "Greenville" dining car, formerly an Atlantic Coast Line car later used in Amtrak service.

After lunch we purchased tickets for the Mission Ridge Local in the Grand Junction depot and waited in the "period" waiting room for its arrival. 

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Robert Soule, H. M. Harris, and Mark Harris talk with locomotive engineer Ryan Miller of TVRM.

Running gear of locomotive 610.


H. M. Harris and Robert Soule look over the running gear before boarding the train for East Chattanooga.


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From left to right, Mark Harris, H. M. Harris, and engineer Ryan Miller.

Steve Bryan from Florida found a comfortable window seat in the coach behind the locomotive for the ride to East Chattanooga.

Once in East Chattanooga, the locomotive is turned on a turntable for the return trip to Grand Junction.

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Here several of our Meet attendees watch as the locomotive approaches the turn table.  From left to right our Canadian attendee Ken, Steve Bryan, and Ed Buitenwert watch.

The train conductor tells the group a bit of history about the turntable TVRM installed in the 1980s.

Locomotive 610 is now turned and ready to couple to the east end of the passenger train for the return trip.

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After the train ride, our little motorcade proceeded north back to the Soules'.  The rest of the day and a good portion of the night was spent playing with the cars!  Sunday morning saw more of the same.

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Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300 convertible and, in the back, his 1988 Lincoln Town Car Limousine.

Elijah Scott's 1971 and 1970 Imperial LeBarons.

John Shuty's 1970 Chrysler New Yorker with a Newport grill.

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Robert's 1964 Imperial Crown.  This is Robert's first car -- owned by him for some 27 years! DAMN, he is OLD!

Another shot of Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300 convertible.  This car was purchased about a year ago out of Washington State.

Brian Behr's 1966 Chrysler New Yorker four-door hardtop.  This is a really fine road car!

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Robert's matching pair of '68s, a LeBaron and Crown Convertible.  The LeBaron is an original 53k car.

On the right is Regin Schwaen's handsome 1966 Chrysler Newport Convertible.  Regin drove down from West Virginia arriving Saturday afternoon.

Robert's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible.  Robert's friend Jeff Carrothers located this car in Cincinnati, Ohio, a couple of years ago.

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Robert's 1966 Chrysler 300 and 1965 Chrysler New Yorker.

Sporting new wire wheels and wide whites, Robert's 1962 300 convertible makes a real statement.

Regin Schwaen takes a turn at the wheel of Robert's '62 300.  Here we are at one of the local auto parts stores where, unfortunately, everyone knows Robert real well!

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Hitting the open road in style are; Ian Dexter (front passenger), Ken and T. J. Swerdyliak (rear passengers).  The Swerdyliak's came all the way from Manitoba, Canada to attend the Meet! 

Jeff Carrothers (under the hood) and Donald Taccone (behind the wheel) making a few minor adjustments to Brian's 1966 Chrysler New Yorker.

Checking out Regin's handsome 1966 Chrysler Newport are Elijah Scott (left), Regin Schwaen, Woodie, and Ed Buitenwert.

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Regin wants to go for a spin in Robert's '64 Imperial.

Time for a little refreshment!  Attendees Tim and Katherine from Arlington, VA, in the back in black, and Jennifer Scott is seated in the foreground.

1928 was a good year for Chrysler but soon the fledgling new Chrysler car company would face the difficulties of the great depression.

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Wow, an all Chrysler traffic jamb right out of the 1960s.  This must be heaven! 

Robert's 1939 Chrysler about to cross the service station bell.

With this much junk, something is going to require a little help to start.

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P5290232.JPG (709292 bytes)

The Corvair lives!  Well, kind of.  It required fresh gas, brake fluid, air for the tires, and a boost.  It could use a good wash job too.

Then it was determined that it required a new battery.  Jeff Carrothers (in blue) is working on the horns for Regin's 1966 Newport.

Robert's grandmother's car looks rather good, once it is all cleaned up.

Dinner Sunday evening, we returned to the Sonic in a motorcade of Robert's convertibles. 

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I don't think I have ever seen all these cars together before.

It sure was fun seeing them all in a row on the road with the tops down.

Suddenly, it is the 1960s all over again!

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Robert Soule, Jeff Carrothers, and John Shuty await dinner.

As do Donald Taccone, H. M. Harris, Mark Harris, and Ian Dexter.

Jennifer Scott, Ed Buitenwert, and Woodie.

Monday morning a little time was found to play just a bit more.

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P5280163.JPG (697955 bytes)

Last but not least we revived the 1973 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 4.5 Sedan after nearly a year of neglect.

Out of gas and with a shorted condenser but running none the less!  Well, with a little help from a gas can.

Within an hour the Mercedes was revived and doing well.

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P5290165.JPG (699862 bytes)

06mt 018.jpg (621781 bytes)

Woodie is behind the wheel of Elijah's 1970 Imperial as it departs for home in Rock Springs, GA.

Mr. Scott drove his 1971 Imperial.  Thanks for bring them both, Dude!

All that is left is Robert's collection of junk!

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P5290176.JPG (685135 bytes)

The view in the rear view mirror as attendees depart for home.

Not a bad sight.

Really not bad at all.

P5290196.JPG (718311 bytes)

P5290204.JPG (698353 bytes)

P5290205.JPG (710604 bytes)

Time to pose a few of the cars for pictures.

Had to get a move on as the sky was turning dark and thunder was close by.

Shooting a couple of videos of the '28 making a dash across the service station bell line.

P5290209.JPG (715527 bytes)

P5290214.JPG (713233 bytes)

P5290215.JPG (725514 bytes)

Can't forget the '39!

Talking to Jeff as he and Mark are well on their way for home.

Hmmm, an Airflow sure would be a nice addition.

P5290220.JPG (705340 bytes)

P5290221.JPG (717903 bytes)

P5290227.JPG (720831 bytes)

The Mercedes really needs a new home where it will be more appreciated!  It is for sale. A fine car but just not my cup of tea.

On the phone again.

Time to fold the tent and put all the toys up.

P5290228.JPG (717368 bytes)

Thanks to everyone for another wonderful Chrysler & Imperial Meet.  We enjoyed having everyone and we too had a good time even with the occasional rain and hot weather.  These events never last long enough, but fortunately, the Fall Anniston Meet is not that far away!  Also a special thanks to Donald Taccone and Jeff Carrothers for their generous contributions toward the cost of the Meet!

Robert & Laqueta Soule

P5290235.JPG (705991 bytes)

The path is well worn where we drove the cars all weekend, it sure was a lot of fun!

Robert's 1928 Chrysler makes a final run for the video camera before getting put away.

Ok, you see how much fun these meets are, so don't delay.

Go ahead and make your plans now for next year's meet!

This link will take you to information about future Meets

Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet!

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Pictures and Video from the

Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet 2005

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          Friday Evening

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          Saturday Morning

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P1010070.JPG (705127 bytes) P1010080.JPG (705984 bytes) P1010083.JPG (690661 bytes)

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Pictures and Video from the

Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet 2004

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          Friday Evening

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P1010002a.JPG (719280 bytes)

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P1010012a.JPG (694614 bytes) P1010006a.JPG (705821 bytes) P1010024a.JPG (708103 bytes)
P1010025a.JPG (691727 bytes) P1010003a.JPG (661504 bytes) P1010033a.JPG (693019 bytes)
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P1010032a.JPG (701157 bytes) P1010014a.JPG (690879 bytes) P1010019a.JPG (705988 bytes)
P1010001a.JPG (691013 bytes) P1010013a.JPG (692848 bytes) P1010030a.JPG (690146 bytes)

          Saturday Evening

P1010036a.JPG (634577 bytes) P1010041a.JPG (713136 bytes) P1010037a.JPG (670164 bytes)
P1010042a.JPG (663301 bytes) P1010064a.JPG (690497 bytes) P1010052a.JPG (651537 bytes)
P1010049a.JPG (664560 bytes) P1010048a.JPG (660351 bytes) P1010046a.JPG (684183 bytes)
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Southern Regional 2003 Meet - Chattanooga 

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All photos for the 2003 Meet were taken by Elijah Scott and Roger Cooper.


Dsc00882.jpg (287899 bytes)                   Dsc00883.jpg (280987 bytes)

View from across the street at our little "show field" at the Soules' home.  Kerry's "new" '62 Imperial.  Unfortunately, this car had the brake linings come off the car on the way to the railroad museum and had to be trailered back.  Kerry has recently sold this car to IML member Ed Noble from Boaz, AL.

Dsc00884.jpg (274024 bytes)                   Dsc00886.jpg (271900 bytes)

On the left, Roberts' Gold 1965 Chrysler 300 convertible.  On the right, Roberts' '68 LeBaron and convertible. 

 Dsc00888.jpg (274116 bytes)                  Dsc00889.jpg (275404 bytes)

On the left next to Roberts' '65 300 is George Vines' beautiful 1966 Chrysler New Yorker.

Dsc00890.jpg (272670 bytes)                  

05310050.jpg (347356 bytes)                   05310048.jpg (426779 bytes)

Roger Cooper and Elijah Scott in front of their cars at the Soules' residence.  Note the refreshment gazebo in the right picture located on the far right.

                                                         Dsc00931.jpg (288946 bytes)                   

Don't see many sedans.


Robert's '68 Newport that we drove to Carlisle a couple years back.  Roberts' '73 Benz 300 SEL 4.5 that Kerry and Robert paint last year.  (For Sale) 


Roberts' first car, which he still has, a loaded 1964 Imperial Crown 4dr hardtop.


More pictures of Jeffs' beautiful 1964 Imperial LeBaron.


Roberts' 1965 Chrysler New Yorker.  This car has the rare clear tail light lenses.


Jim Kelly's '68 LeBaron.  Robert is doing some mechanical work on and then Jim is flying in from Hawaii to get it.

Jim did indeed fly into Chattanooga and he drove the car across the country with only one minor incident.  It is now in Hawaii with its new owner Jim Kelly.


Robert's Grandmother's Corvair.  Had fun trying to get it running but the gas tank was full of junk and it just wouldn't stay running.  Neat car though. (For Sale) Contact Robert at: 


Roberts' '67 Newport.  Melissa Graham has bought this car and it is now at Kerrys' shop awaiting new paint.


Kerry's 66 300 with a beautiful new coat of silver paint.  A very fine car indeed!


Jeff Carrother's new '66 300, which has been dubbed the "tractor" because of the Ford tractor blue that someone painted the car.  Excellent driving car that will make a fine car someday with new paint.

              Dsc00982.jpg (277486 bytes)



Local Tennessee Valley Region WPC member Mike Bennett's '68 300 convertible!


This is "Darnell", and belongs to Robert.  Soon to be the Official Murray Motor Company service vehicle.


Roberts' matching pair of 1968 Imperials. 


The set of pictures below were taken on Saturday at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time as we motored over to the Railroad museum for lunch and a train ride.  A good time was had by all!  The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is the largest operating Railroad Museum in the Southeast United States.  As usual, they did have their steam locomotive number 610 operating but it was off the premises pulling an excursion train to Summerville, GA.  I hope is will be on premises in 2004 when we make the trip back to the RR Museum.

05310033.jpg (227932 bytes)                 

Roger Cooper on some truly big iron at the RR Museum.

05310040.jpg (394759 bytes)                   05310042.jpg (401797 bytes)

Here are several more shots of the cars we drove to the Railroad Museum on Saturday.  Our little parade sure looked nice going down the road.


Kerrys' 62 just after the brake failuer  awaits the trailer.

On the Right, Jeff Carrothers' '64 is fresh from the paint shop and is simply stunning with new chrome and everything!


Mark McDonald drove this super nice '68 Imperial Crown Convertible and Roger Coopers fine '69 Imperial.

Robert Soule's '65 300 at the RR Museum.

Saturday evening, after our trip to the RR Museum, we went to dinner at the local Sonic Drive-in. 

05310051.jpg (362028 bytes)                   05310054.jpg (373952 bytes) 05310055.jpg (393647 bytes)                   05310056.jpg (180840 bytes) 

Dinner on Saturday night at Sonic in downtown Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.  We sure turned a lot of heads with our cars at the Sonic!

A great time was had by all.  The location was very pleasant under the shade trees.  The Soules are great hosts!


Southern Regional 2002 Meet - Chattanooga  All text and photos by Elijah Scott

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The 2002 Annual Southern Imperial and Chrysler Meet was held in Chattanooga, TN, on June 7-8, 2002. The event was a great success with 21 cars and many owners and enthusiasts in attendance. This year's Meet began on Friday as attendees gathered at the Soule's near Chattanooga, TN. 

The weather was excellent for both days of the meet, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.  Scenic Chattanooga provided an terrific location, and many folks took the opportunity to explore some of the area attractions, including the Aquarium, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Incline Railway, Rock City, and other parts of Lookout Mountain.  The Imperials and Chryslers were right at home amidst the beautiful scenery of East Tennessee

Here's the full list of attendees for the meet: 

Year Car Owner
1955 Plymouth Belvedere Jason Rogers
1959 Imperial LeBaron Southampton Steve Bryan
1959 DeSoto Sportsman John Clines
1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country Chris Hawkins
1960 Corvair (Honorary Mention) Robert Soule
1962 Imperial Crown Southampton Jeff Carrothers
1963 Chrysler Newport (survivor) Don Hellstrom
1964 Imperial Crown Robert Soule
1965 Imperial LeBaron Elijah Scott
1965 Chrysler 300 Convertible Robert Soule
1965 Chrysler New Yorker Robert Soule
1966 Imperial LeBaron Chris Hawkins
1966 Chrysler 300 Robert Soule
1967 Chrysler Newport Town & Country Jean Chesney
1968 Imperial LeBaron Robert Soule
1968 Imperial Crown Convertible Robert Soule
1968 Chrysler Newport Robert Soule
1971 Imperial LeBaron Elijah Scott
1973 Imperial LeBaron Kerry Pinkerton
1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Dennis Shrader
1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible Laqueta Soule

There were also several folks who came along to enjoy the ride, including Mark Harris (1965 Imperial LeBaron in absentia), Bill Clifton, Donald Taccone (1956 Imperial sedan in absentia), Debbie Brown and her son Alex, Todd "Mr.G"  Stennis (1968 Imperial LeBaron in absentia), John Shuty (1969 New Yorker in absentia), Murray Vise (1965 Chrysler 300 L convertible in absentia), Cecil McCall (recent owner of a 1964 Ghia Crown Imperial), and Ed Jones (1964 Imperial Crown convertible in absentia).

Dcp02403.jpg (92962 bytes)Dcp02404.jpg (89031 bytes)Dcp02407.jpg (94016 bytes) The weather on Friday afternoon was absolutely perfect, so naturally convertible tops were down and everyone enjoyed the fresh air of East Tennessee. The cookout at the Soule home was great and we all appreciated their efforts to provide a good "spread." Each new arrival generated excitement among the crowd! 

Dcp02409.jpg (91445 bytes)Dcp02405.jpg (95995 bytes)Dcp02406.jpg (81630 bytes)By the time the cookout started Friday evening, we had everything from a '55 Plymouth to a '76 New Yorker Brougham.  After dinner, we took time to drive around in some of the cars. With all the good cars and good Mopar fellowship, everyone was up until after midnight enjoying the evening. 



Saturday was a FULL day, with folks meeting at the hotel parking lot about 10:00 a.m. We spent the entire day driving, talking, sharing Imperial knowledge, and generally having a good time. 



Jason Rogers came over from Jackson, TN, with this adorable '55 Plymouth.  This younger cousin of the Imperials and Chryslers fit right in and made a nice presentation.  This car was from the first year of the Forward Look, and the color scheme is right on target for 1955!




Steve Bryan won the long-distance award (well, there were no formal awards) for bringing his '59 Imperial LeBaron, known as "Eileen," up from Florida. Other than a broken fan belt, he said the car performed flawlessly for the entire trip. The '59 Imperial has always been one of my favorites, so I was excited to see Steve's car.


Here are some further detailed shots of Steve's '59 Lebaron.  This car is nicely optioned, including the FlightSweep decklid and the stainless steel roof insert!









Dcp02411.jpg (70908 bytes)

Imperial's "little" cousin for 1959 was this 1959 DeSoto Sportsman, owned by John Clines.  Another fine expression of the Forward Look, the '59 DeSoto expresses an exuberant, sporty look from front to rear, highlighted by the two-tone paint and swept-back tailfins.  Delightful, De-Lovely, DeSoto!





Chris Hawkins is the proud owner of this 1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country.  And he has a right to be proud -- it's a STUNNING automobile!  Chris has done most of the restoration of this car himself, including the paint, and it's fantastic inside and out.





Jeff Carrothers is the owner of this fine 1962 Imperial Crown Southampton.  The Cocoa Metallic cloth and leather interior is a beautiful example of Imperial opulence.  And, of course, nothing beats those 1962 Imperial taillights!




Dcp02410.jpg (71256 bytes)

While 1963 is a year that some folks don't care for, this '63 Chrysler Newport might change their minds!  Owned by Don Hellstrom, this car is an all original and somewhat unusual car.  It's a four door sedan equipped with crank windows, manual steering, and yes, even manual transmission!  With a 361 engine mounted to the 3 speed shifter, it's a pretty peppy car.




Dcp02412.jpg (87303 bytes)

The 1965 Chryslers were undoubtedly some of the finest automotive designs to come out of Detroit, and this '65 Chrysler New Yorker, owned by Robert Soule, certainly proves that statement.  It's a beautiful car inside and out, demonstrating one of the finest examples of Elwood Engle styling.




Dcp02406.jpg (81630 bytes)

This 1965 Chrysler 300 convertible is also part of the Robert Soule collection.  It's a fun car to drive, and with a 383 HP engine, it'll sure put the wind in your hair!






Chris Hawkins also owns this 1966 Imperial LeBaron.  It's absolutely one of the nicest '66 Imperials that I've ever seen.  Again, Chris has done all of the restoration of this car himself, and has done an outstanding job!  If you're a fan of the '66 Imperial, this is a car you must see! The embossed eagles on the "antique" leather seats is the pinnacle of Imperial interior pinache. Also be sure to enjoy a short video of Chris Hawkins' '66 Imperial LeBaron in motion! 





This 1968 Imperial LeBaron belongs to Robert Soule.  It's an incredibly nice example of the '68 design.  Robert states that this is the nicest car he owns, and it's certainly worthy of that accolade.  The car is immaculate inside and out and is also well-optioned.

Dcp02408.jpg (79172 bytes)     




Dcp02405.jpg (95995 bytes)

Robert Soule refers to this '68 Chrysler Newport hardtop as "old reliable."  It is a comfortable car that drives and performs extremely well on the road.







This 1971 Imperial LeBaron belongs to Elijah Scott.  I've had this car since October 1988, and have been slowly restoring it ever since.  At 240,000, it's still a great car to drive and enjoy!




1973 Imperial LeBaron Kerry Pinkerton came over from Alabama for the day in his stunning '73 Imperial LeBaron. Kerry has done a HUGE amount of work to restore this Imperial to top condition.





Jean Chesney arrived from Knoxville with her 1967 Chrysler Newport Town & Country station wagon.  Station wagons have really become popular in the last few years, which is pretty cool!  Jean has had her '67 for a long time and is very attached to it.  She said that the paint was supposed to have been silver with a hint of purple . . . but since purple is her favorite color, she's quite happy with the color of the car!  All in all, I'd say the car looks great inside and out!


Dennis Shrader drove down from Clarkesville, TN, in this immaculate '76 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.  Dennis has been the happy owner of this car for some years and always enjoys driving it.  The color combination is striking, and the velour interior is the epitome of mid-'70s luxury.  Imperial, of course, was no longer available for 1976, but the New Yorker Brougham was certainly a suitable "replacement."



All in all, the Southern Regional Meet did a good job of covering the region, with attendees from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee. Thanks to EVERYONE who attended for making the Meet a great success! Special thanks go to Laqueta Soule, Sarah Rowe, and Debbie Brown for providing such a great meal. We all appreciated their hard work!

Hope to see everyone next year!


Southern Regional 2001 Meet - Chattanooga  All text and photos by Elijah Scott

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The Soules' hosted the event and had a cookout for all of us on Friday at his place and showed us some of his toys...... 65 New Yorker 4dr 65 300 convertible (I drove my first mopar convertible...WOW!) 66 300 4 door 64 Ghia Limo 68 Lebaron 64 Crown 4 door 67 Newport 67 Newport convertible AND more! 

We gathered at the hotel Saturday morning...Jay Williams came over from Carrolton, MS with his wife and kids...trailered his 67 Sedan so that his wife had another mode of transportation. 

Donald Taccone was driving my car in the caravan to Ron Bird's collection of Chrysler products in Cleveland, TN. We were following Elijah in his 71; Donald, myself, Larry Stegall, and Gregg Wagner were in my car. Donald noticed that the steering on my car got stiff and Elijah noticed a belt hanging down from my car. We stopped and checked it car had broken the water pump belt and slung the power steering belt. We decided to leave the Lebaron, let it cool off, and come back to fix it after we toured Ron Bird's collection. By this time Kerry circled back to check on the folks that were in my car piled in with Kerry and Elijah....we got to Ron's place and someone said "Where's Gregg Wagner?" "Uh Oh, we left him at the gas station....HONEST mistake!" 

We toured Ron's collection, had lunch together at a Restaurant in Cleveland, stopped and played Imperial Service Department with my car, and drove back to the hotel. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing musical cars in the hotel parking was a blast! Wendell Richardson showed up in a stunning 60 Imperial Custom 4 door Southampton that almost made me wet my pants. We all had dinner together at the Town and Country restaurant Saturday york strip...I think that a good vet could have revived most of our stakes and sent them back to the farm....other than was good. Pardon me if I forget anyone or get the names wrong, but these were some of the Imperials/Chryslers that attended and their owners: 

54 Imperial Sedan Kerry Pinkerton , 64 Imperial Crown

62 Imperial Lebaron Jeff Carrothers 

81 Imperial Brett and Joseph from Atlanta 

71 Imperial Coupe Mark McDonald (glad that he finally made one of these events!) 

71 Imperial Elijah Scott 

67 Imperial Sedan Jay Williams 

70 Chrysler 300 Gregg Wagner 

78 Chrysler New Yorker Chip Hood and Christopher Conway 

60 Imperial Custom Wendell Richardson 

68 LeBaron Robert Soule ,65 300 Convertible, 66 300 4 Door

Thanks to Elijah Scott for the photos.  Sorry if we missed anyone's car but Elijah shot what cranked his tractor most.  You will notice LOTS of photos of his and Mark Macdonald's 71's.

The following is Robert Soule's collection.  He bought the 300 convertible about 3 months ago and has done a tremendous amount of work.  Super solid low mileage car as are most of Robert's fleet.

The red 64 was Roberts first car which he bought in high school.

Kerry Pinkerton's 54 and 64 were parked by the road and got a fair share of evening driving since they were easy to get out.  The 54 was trailered in because it isn't running that well.  However it was a hit, especially the working AC which is behind the rear seat and really blows.


the two guys in the previous photo are Kerry Pinkerton and Mark Harris.  Pinkerton is the one with gray hair.


Even well after dark, we were still riding.


By 9am Saturday we had all gathered at the motel.

Chip Hood and Christopher Conway drove up in this stunning 78 NYB.  It was ordered by a salesman with EVERY option known to man including the police interceptor package on the 440.

Mark Macdonald drove up from Panama City Florida in his 71 coupe.  This car had a fantastic interior.  The fabric seats were a very fine, slick, silk like fabric which was absolutely perfect.


 Jay Williams brought his 78 in on a trailer from Mississippi because his wife wanted to be able to drive the kids around while we were geeking over the cars.  


Jeff Carrothers was lovin' it.

On the road to Ron Byrds.  Ron's shop is what happens when a hobby goes bad :)  Just look at all these cars!!!!  Ron has an interesting collection of 'stuff' also.  We spotted several complete cases of 'Port-o-walls', fake whitewalls as well as other unusual stuff.


78 NYBBrent and Joseph had a super low mileage 81.  It was the first I've driven (borrowed it to go check on the breakdown and leave Gregg because my 64 was blocked.  I want one.

More of Kerry's 64


Some of Ron's stuff out front.  The guy yawning is Robert Soule who was talking to Jeff Carrothers.




60 Imperial Custom  that Wendell Richardson drove in from nearby Tennessee.  60's are so cool and this one was nice.


Following are lots of shots of the two 71's side by side.  Elijah was really happy to see the side by side comparison.  It's kind of hard to see in the photos but we were surprised to see that the rear profile is different on the coupe.  Notice the chrome end pieces on the bumpers curve in considerably more to match the change in the roof line.  




Jeff Carrothers drove all the way from Jackson Mississippi in his 62.  Great car!  Cold air too with recent R134 conversion.


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