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 Oct. 18-20, '24

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The Chattanooga

Chrysler & Imperial Meet

Has Been Replaced with: 

The Annual Southeast Region WPC Club Apple Tour & Meet

The New Date is:

October 18-20, 2024


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Now Open To All Orphan Cars Antique Automobile Enthusiasts Take NOTE! Now Open To All Orphan Cars
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Come celebrate the good old days with us.
Guaranteed to be a real blast from the past like no other!

Check out all the events below the videos and pictures.


Videos and pictures from past Chattanooga Meets!

Video From The 2023 Southeast Regional Apple Tour & Meet.


Promotional Video Complied for 2023 WPC Club Meet - Limousines on Parade!


Video From The 2007 Chattanooga Chrysler Imperial & Packard Meet.



Video of the Soules' 1923 Weber Duo-Art Reproducing Player Piano.




 Video From the 2006 Chattanooga Chrysler Imperial & Packard Meet. 


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Annual WPC Club Apple Meet & Tour

October 18 - 20, 2024

Attend All Weekend - No Registration Fee!


Hello Everyone,

The Tennessee Valley Region of the Walter P. Chrysler Club and the Soules cordially invite all owners and enthusiasts of 2006 and earlier Antique Automobiles, any make, with a special emphasis on Pre-WWII automobiles and All 2006 and earlier Chrysler ProductsAll original, restored-to-original, or minor modification automobiles are encouraged to attend the Meet in Chattanooga, TN.  Wish you could step into the past and experience everything, including motoring the way it once was?  Then you donít want to miss this event, where we celebrate the past in all its glory.  Past Meets have been a real blast from the past and the next Meet should be just as much fun, if not more.  

ALL - 2006 And Earlier Chrysler Built Products

ALL - Orphan Cars, Any Make, Any Year

ALL - Pre WWII Cars, Any Make, Any Model (Would Love To See More Of These!)

COST:  FREE -- no registration or admission fee!

Make your plans now to attend the our annual WPC Club Apple Meet & Tour. We had an excellent meet last time, and we are looking forward to another fine meet in Chattanooga for 2024. Tons of pictures with accompanying text of past Chattanooga Meets can be found at:  Information about the 2024 Meet can be found below.  The last meet was a blast and this year's should be just as much fun, if not more! And remember -- this meet is open to *ALL* 2006 and earlier Chrysler Built Products!  So polish that chrome, wax that paint, shine those tires, and come to the 2024 Apple Tour & Meet.

Come celebrate the past in all its glory with us.  It is sure to be an event like no other and one you will remember for a lifetime.  There will be plenty of fun, food, period music, and of course Antique Automobiles!


Please, as much of this event is held at a private residence, pets are NOT permitted.


Schedule of events for the 2024 Apple Tour & Meet:

Attend All Weekend -  No registration fee!

Oct. 18 - 20, 2024

For Directions to Chattanooga/Soddy-Daisy, TN, and the Soules, send an email to

Note - Please complete the registration below if you plan to attend the Apple Tour & Meet. *We need to know how many to expect for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday meals.*  We would also like to know what make and model car you plan to bring to the Meet. Email:

Friday Oct. 18th- Late Afternoon and Early Evening - Gather at the Soules' residence, then we will drive to the Sonic Drive-In for dinner at 6:00 pm.  Then socializing around the campfire at the Soules and/or a garage tour.

Saturday Oct. 19th - we will gather at the Soules at 8:00 am. for the drive to Wimpy's for breakfast (breakfast is optional); for lunch we will drive just a short distance to Zois' Restaurant.  Following that, we will return to the Soules for tire kicking the rest of the day!

Saturday Evening Dinner - Pizza or BBQ Dinner TBA at the Soules' house at 7:00 pm  (a donation of $5 per person).  After dinner, we will have music featuring a 1923 Weber Duo-Art Reproducing Player Piano and also a 1928 Weber Duo-Art Reproducing Player Piano, socializing around the campfire, enjoying some music, and maybe watch a classic movie later. No doubt, there will be more tire kicking and driving too. 

Sunday Tour Oct. 20th - Departing the Soules' at precisely 10:00 am ET.  We will drive north to Dayton for lunch at Carrabelle's Restaurant.  Following lunch, we up drive up the mountain to Wooden's Apple Farm for some delicious apple treats.  This will conclude the weekend's activities.



Chattanooga Antique Automobile Meet Accommodation Recommendations:

Accommodations - No hotel accommodations have been reserved specifically for this event.   *** The Only HOTEL IN SODDY DAISY is the Hometown Inn.***   Located in beautiful downtown Soddy-Daisy and just 5 miles from the Soules' residence, this hotel would be the closest place for attendees to stay.  Take a look at their web site at:  Honestly, the owners are not as friendly as they should be, and I have heard some not so great things about the cleanliness, so you should consider the hotels in Hixson.  Call (423) 332-7755 for reservations.  

Better alternatives:  Holiday Inn in Hixson (423) 877-6464 or the Hampton Inn also in Hixson (423) 877-3100, Tennessee, both are located on the north side of Chattanooga and are easily accessible from Interstate 75, 24, and Hwy 153. All would provide a good, centrally located base from which to operate.  There are other accommodations readily available in the Hixson area.  Please do consider making your hotel reservations as early as possible.

All hotel reservations are the responsibility of each individual.

Directions/information For Directions to Chattanooga/Soddy-Daisy, TN, and Soules', send an email to

Be sure to bring your lawn chairs for relaxation under the shade trees at the Soules' house!

Questions or lost?  Robert's phone number: (423) 313-4282

Please, as most of this event is held at a private residence, pets are NOT allowed.


Meet Registration:


Although there is no registration fee for this event, we request that you PLEASE REGISTER in advance so we will know who is attending, what cars to expect, how many attendees will be present for pizza Friday night and Saturday dinner.

Please Register for the Meet!

If you would rather register via mail, email me for an address.



Registrant's Name:

Friday night Sonic dinner, Saturday dinner, and Sunday afternoon lunch reservations must be made no later than Oct. 8th.

Make and Model of Car(s) attending the Meet?

Number of guests attending the Friday evening Sonic Drive-In?

Number participating in the tour to Wooden's Apple Farm?

Number attending to the Pizza or BBQ dinner Saturday evening?

Number going Sunday to the Cagle Mountain. Restaurant for lunch?




Please read and abide by these few basic rules.

All Meet participants are requested to read and follow the rules of courtesy and agree to the terms of the liability statement at the bottom of this sheet. 

Please observe the following rules of etiquette while participating in the Meet:

1. These meets are NOT "judged shows" and derogatory comments about attendees' cars are prohibited. Some, if not many, of the Meet participants have driven cars that are either unrestored, original cars, cars in the process of being restored, or daily drivers. Derogatory comments can discourage current, as well as potential participants. We do not want to discourage anyone from attending these Meets or participating in this hobby! If you can't say something nice, just be quiet.

2. While you will not likely find many "do not touch" signs on the cars at these Meets, some basic rules of etiquette should be observed by all attendees: Don't sit or lean on cars. Watch your belt buckles (Belt buckles and riveted blue jeans are not conducive to paint jobs.)

Thank you for your cooperation and have an enjoyable Meet!

LIABILITY: By entering this event, I agree to and understand that the Tennessee Valley Region of the Walter P. Chrysler Club and/or the event organizers, the sponsors, hosts, and/or promoters of this event, participating clubs, their agents, employees, or club members, will not be liable or responsible for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to, damage to vehicles, theft, loss of life, or accidents while traveling to and from the event, as well as during the event. I also understand that failure to follow the rules may result in expulsion from the event. 

Please, as most of this event is held at a private residence, pets are NOT allowed.

Many Thanks


A View Of The 2003 CI&P Meet - Chattanooga 


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